Dentures in Los Algodones Mexico

There are three types of denture acrylic, resin, and porcelain. To make your dentures is a two day procedure. The first day is all day lab work. First, take an impression is about an hour wait, is a height proof, to see how high and long your dentures need to be. Second impression, is called a wax proof. During, the wax proof you see the shape, length, and color of dentures. If you want to change anything, we change it during this process. The next day your dentures will be ready. We also do immediate dentures, when you still have teeth that need to be extracted, we use this kind of denture. It is not a permanent denture is a temporary denture while your gums heal and you are ready for you permanent denture. Relines are also available, there are two types of relines. A soft reline and a hard reline. A soft reline is made here in our office and a hard reline is made in the lab. We offer best Dentures in Los Algodones Mexico.



With CAD-CAM dentistry is custom 3-D images of your prepared tooth or teeth are created by digitally scanning your impressions. The design guides the milling machine to the margin of the preparation, for a more exact sealing.

Sterilization System

Cleaning our instruments is essential in our clinic. First, we use red concentrated Antibenzil which is a high germicidal liquid that disinfectants on a large number of bacteria. Second, we place our instruments in an ultrasonic cleaner that removes bacteria by using sound waves produced by electrical energy. The final step we use autoclave that completely sterilize instruments and equipment.


We offer free digital x-rays to diagnose oral problems. We work with an x-ray sensor that offer high quality images. A portable x-ray machine with lower radiation as much as 90 percent compared to traditional x-rays. We also use panoramic x-ray for surgical procedures

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Welcome to St. Thomas Dental Center of Los Algodones, Mexico. We are a team of dental professionals led by Dr. Edgar S. Pelayo and Dr. Nalleley L. Acosta. We provide affordable and comprehensive dental care, including dental implants, to patients throughout North America. Our professional affiliations include:

  • ADA: American Dental Association
  • AAID: American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • ITI: International Team for Implantology
  • ICOI: International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • AGD: Academy of General Dentistry

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